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Information and Technology Officers

Information Officers and Technology Officers (or Digital Information Officers) are the answer to today’s business call-to-arms. In a technology landscape experiencing continuous, drastic changes, Loftus Bradford is the only executive search firm positioned to attract, place and retain world-class talent. We have close ties to outstanding candidates able to bridge the transition to digital and lead the organization’s technology strategy. Constant innovation of information and technology systems keeps our clients at the vanguard of the challenges they face within their respective industries. Technology is key to the company’s day-to-day operations and crucial to the optimization of its processes, which is why our clients need exceptional technology officers to support its business intelligence needs. Whether making the supply chain more effective, or improving tracking systems and productivity, Loftus Bradford is privy to an exclusive network of talent in industries such as:

  • Big Data & BI
  • Cloud
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • IT Security
  • Mobile
  • Online Banking
  • Operations & Inventory
  • Software
  • Virtual Education

Our clients are the key players shaping the future of business and of cutting-edge technology. It is paramount that they onboard the right leaders for their executive needs, to lead the technology team, the technology operations and budget. Our services extend beyond executive search, which is why we have long-term partnerships with candidates. We therefore have absolute insight into who are the up-and-coming leaders with the vision and knowledge to carry organizations into the tech-future.

Information and Technology Innovators

Companies across a wide spectrum of industries turn to Loftus Bradford knowing our boutique, executive search consultants are well placed to find information and technology experts to manage the IT Service Desk, provide business analysis and consultancy. Our unique methodology to attract international top talent enables us to tap into an exclusive network to place prominent leaders. We understand the importance of the information or technology officer’s business acumen, as an essential partner in carrying out the business plan.